The strategic success program is designed to help Start-Ups and Small-MEDIUM SIZED Companies grow and scale quickly!

SSP helps business owners finally enjoy the business they worked so hard to build.

Brought to you by Extreme Lead Program in conjunction with Miller & Company

Your Business Should provide You The Lifestyle You Want, Not Controlling Your Life.
When was the last time you were able to step away from your business?

Take an extended vacation? Not worry about how you will pay your bills or quarterly business taxes?

If you are not happy with the answers to these questions, then it’s time to speak with us! You are probably too busy working "In" your business instead of "On" your business.

Our passion is helping business owners move from working for their business to making the business work for them.

We’ll help you find the clarity, direction, and focus you need to supercharge your results and fall in love with your business like never before.

Our expertise is second to none when it comes to removing the barriers that impede success. With over 2+ decades of mentoring experience under our belt, we will show you how to take proper command over your team, your cash flow, and yourself.

We will show you how to achieve more profit and more enjoyment from your business. Most of all, begin loving your business and operating from a 30,000-foot viewpoint.

Be the visionary and delegate the doer role to the right staff.

Learn MORE about the Strategic Success Program below!

Brought To You by Extreme Lead Program In Conjunction With Miller & Company


At this point, you might be wondering who these guys are and maybe why you haven’t heard of them. That’s a good point. It’s because we work behind the scenes with companies and business owners. So a lot of our work generally occurs off the radar, with only the business owner and the company knowing the effect we have. We are the secret weapons and the ninjas in your business. This is the way we like it and how we thrive in the industry. The company was formed due to our passion for business and assisting other business owners in their quest to grow and scale. We run several businesses ourselves and have also bought, sold, built from scratch a number of businesses over the past couple of decades.

Our expertise and experience is wide, yet specific... and with that said, let’s meet the founder & CEO.

Greg Atkins
Australia / Hong Kong / USA
Greg is an Australian born business man who owns businesses on 3 continents. They call him a Profit, Hyper-Growth and Exit Strategist.

But really Greg is a a breaker of chains, slayer of time sucking vampires and professional escape artist from the self imposed virtual prisons that some simply call businesses.

Having launched or bought then built and sold many highly profitable businesses of his own, Greg’s now two decades of personal experience as a Business Strategist, combined with countless years of business wisdom collected from client companies is what Greg is most passionate to share with you.
If you are a business owner or Entrepreneur who wants to benefit from Greg’s profit machine building wisdom, so that you create a life for yourself that is dripping with freedom, then Greg might be the secret weapon you have always hoped to find.

Even when Greg is snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains with his Fiancé, or enjoying living on the beach back in Australia, you will always find him somehow talking business strategy and loving every second of it.

Don’t you think its time to have a worry free business that pumps profit into your bank account and makes your bucket list become your reality?

Allow Greg and The Profit Mentors to Identify and eliminate the TRUE bottle necks in your business (true bottle necks might surprise you) AND make the blindspots visible as we show you how to bank the hidden money in your business that you never knew existed.
Jason Miller
Founder & CEO - Miller & Company
Jason is a seasoned CEO with overwhelming passion to help other business owners and CEO’s succeed. He has mentored thousands of people over 2+ decades. Jason major strengths are in Project Management, Hyper Company Growth, Scaling and Strategic & Operational implementation. Jason has built several companies of his own from the ground up since 2001.

Jason has a specialty in helping businesses create a passive system of income and guiding other business owners through the rough waters of “Growing” and “Scaling” their company in sequence.

Jason currently operates Miller and Company as well as other company's with multiple brands to include a full-service Marketing Agency and a Government Contracting Branch where educational services and material contracts are provided for multiple agencies of the US Government.

Jason is a published author in the business world and his 4 published books have been featured on the front desk of Barnes and Noble, stores worldwide and are also available on Amazon. Jason donates all his book sales to “Homes for Hero’s” of which donations have played a part in building multiple homes for Wounded Warriors.

Jason and his wife also spent a combined 25 years in the service to their country in the United States Military while simultaneously growing and scaling multiple businesses and setting them on autopilot with the correct staffing and systems put in place.

If you need help with Hyper-Growth and Scaling your company in the proper sequence that’s where Jason, in conjunction with Extreme Lead Program can assist your company to the next level.

Jason is married to his fabulous wife Erika and is a proud father of 4 children. Jason and his family reside and run their main company headquarters in Boulder, Colorado in the stunning Rocky Mountains.

Walid Abou-Halloun
Australia / Hong Kong
Walid is an established entrepreneur having built and sold multiple companies over the past 2 decades. He has consulted to Fortune 500 and SMEs alike helping them create leverage in their business that increase their profitability.

He helps businesses scale by helping them understand how their business operations operate, identify what requires attention and building systems that enable them to achieve their goals.

Walid has a broad range of experience from many industries having built and run multiple SMEs and seeing under skirt of big business helping him to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all businesses. He has worked with companies across Australia, America, Europe and Asia learning how businesses operate globally and locally.

When he is not conquering the business world, he is spending time with his wife and children in Sunny Australia. Wherever Walid goes, whether he is out at a restaurant waiting for his meal or, waiting in a queue for a roller coaster, he is always observing and analysing how businesses can create more profit through efficiencies in operations.

Are you bogged down in bottlenecks in delivering your products or services or do your business operations keep you up at night? Are you looking for someone to fast track your business journey and help you sidestep many of the obstacles and issues of scaling and growing a business?

Enable Walid and the Profit Mentors to streamline and automate your back office so that you can focus on the reason that got you into business in the first place.
The 32 Week Strategic Success Program: Lesson Plan Is Designed To Fit Any Business Model and Includes:

• The Trinity of Success “Getting to the first “Growth” and “Scale” Your first Multiple 6, 7 Figures and beyond.

• Leadership (BE) – Leadership is a key factor in growing and scaling a business. In these lessons, you will gain the knowledge which will allow you to lead your team or company effectively.

• Profit Growth Factors (KNOW) – Understand and “Know” the Profit Growth factors that drive a true business through its levels of success, 6-7-8 figures and beyond.

• Strategic Planning (DO) – Nail down your strategic planning cycles and then (DO) the actions required for “Growth” and “Scale”.
Week 1-2:

• The 6 – Inch Putts (Quick Wins)

• Self-directed Leadership

• Profit Growth Factors

• Foundations for Strategic Planning

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Clarity, Resource Recovery, Directional Focus

BONUS: Emergency Business Pivots Part 1
Week 3-4:

• Profit Maximization and Hyper-Growth

• Delegated Tactical Tasks

• Profit Maximization

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Sharp Profit Increase, Resource Re-allocation, Aligned Focus of Life Plan and Business Plan

BONUS: Emergency Business Pivots Part 2
Week 5-6:

• Delegated Outcomes

• Leadership

• Profit Maximization

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Heartbeat of your Business Becomes About MEANINGFUL SCOREBOARD And Your Critical Number. Systems Are Fully Tested “KINDA LIKE a Restaurant Fully Booked and Serving a Full House."
Week 7-8:

• Concrete Culture

• Growing Your Executive Suite

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Maturity and Stability
Week 9-10:

• Optimize

• Automate

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Predictable Behavior of the Business - Masterful Navigation of the Business Life Cycle
Week 11-12:

• Liberate

• Elevate

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Extended Vacation / Mini-retirement / Exit Possible

• The Trinity of Success. Now that you have mastered the tools to make your first “Growth” and “Scale”, it’s time to concentrate on the next big target. Shooting for the 7-8 Figure Strategies.

• Cash Flow Influx - Focusing on creating the most cash flow out of your clients through “Proven Strategies”.

• The Customer Journey - Suspect >> Prospect >> Lead >> Customer

• The Strategic Plan – Getting The Strategies That Push Further Faster

• The Psychological Triggers – Plays a Huge Roll In The Scaling Process To Extract
Cash Faster and Through a Value Ladder

• Implementing and Timing of Strategies – Know When to Implement and How To Implement Key Strategies at Just the Right Moment in the Cycle
Week 13-14:

• Spotting the Flaws

• Mining the Unconscious Desire

• Mesmerizing with “NEW”

• Capitalizing on the Tendencies to Develop Habits

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 15-16:

• Converting Problems Into Opportunities

• Engage Participation and Pride of Ownership

• Authenticity to Engender Trust

• Enchanting With Stories

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 17-18:

• Flaunting Your Expertise

• Proving The Product or Services True Worth

• Priming The Buyers Greed Glands

• Impacting Their Emotions

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 19-20:

• Going Beyond The 100% Guarantee

• Walking The Logical Labyrinth

• Spurring The Passion For Collecting

• Treating Them Ohhhhh So Special

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 21-22:

• Using The Sense of Urgency

• Gaining Trust Through Credentials

• Making It Cozy and Familiar

• Connecting Them With Their People

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 23-24:

• Adding “Just” and “Touch” of Guilt

• Stirring The Curiosity

• Embracing Simplicity

• Harmonize to Mutual Agreements

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
Week 25-26:

• How to “Cozy Up” like family

• Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth is

• Blending in With the Marketplace

• Exacting the Facts

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Next Level Scale Through Acquisition and Also Extraction of Further Value Ladder From Your Current Client Base Through Time Tested Strategies.
• The Trinity of Success. Now it’s Time to Measure Where You are In This Phase Of the Game. Getting the Bits and Pieces Put Together For Maximum Scale

• How is Your Business on the Measuring Stick – Take The Quiz and Understand Where You Are as of TODAY

• What Does Your Customer Base Look Like – Knowledge of Your Base Is Key, But How

• Some Additional Strategic Planning Acronyms to Follow – My Time Tested Strategic Sequence to Follow

• Getting the Processes Right – Processes are only as good as the implementer

• Getting the Ingredients Right – The “Soup”

Week 27-28:

• The Fundamentals and Missing Ingredients

• Branding, List Building, Email VS Direct Mail

• Spirit and Patriot Modeling

• Know Thy Customer on Deeper Levels Now

• Building upon the Base

• Measuring Up and Finding the “WHY”

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Building the Foundations Even Deeper to Compliment the Scale into a “Growth” Cycle.

• The Trinity of Success. Now it’s Time to Hone Your Sales Skills. Just Because You Have a Sales Team Doesn’t Mean You Should Be Selling. YOU are Your Best Company Rep and Cheerleader

• Building The Beginnings – Getting the Lead in Correct From the Start

• Relationship 101 – If You Build It, They Will Come

• Positioning Tools and Authority – Tools That Make Life Easier

• Pushing the Sale – CLOSE, CLOSE, CLOSE
Week 29-30:

• The Art of Opening a Sales Conversation

• The Art of Creating a Lasting Relationship and Long Term Customer

• The Art of Positioning Yourself For the Sale

• The Art of Closing the Sale and Winning a New Client

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Using All Your Assets to This Point to Create Massive Cash Flow in Your Business. Using the Power of a Team Combined With The Leadership Experience That You Have to Scale Through The Value Ladder Faster.

• The Trinity of Success. Cleaning It All Up With Some Review, Reinforcement, and Tech Pieces.

• The “Problems” – Identify Them Now... In Your Current Cycle

• Critical Numbers Review – Review and Tweak

• Tech and Advertising – Does Your Tech Support Your Scale

Week 31-32:

• Critical Numbers At This Stage

• 3 Common Problems That Linger

• Solving Those Problems and The Process To Do It

• Some Tech Notes

• Advertising in a Nutshell to Push the Next Automated Scale

*Completion Time With Implementation: 2 Weeks*

OUTCOME: Review of Key Information. This Week Includes a Lot of Tidbits of Information That You Will Find Helpful On Your Journey From A “Scaling” Perspective.
Imagine a full 32 weeks of the best training in the world for $13.33 a day, You grow and scale your business.

Take Your Business to New Levels with the Power of Strategic Training.

If you need help with Hyper-Growth and Scaling your company in the proper sequence then we can assist your company to the next level. This could be from start-up to mature businesses.

Group Business Growth Sessions:

Ask yourself this one single question? What if I had Fifteen + business-minded people like myself giving me input into my business every month? Would that move me forward faster?

Gain access to the recordings of our group business growth sessions. These are sessions with real CEO's helping each other solve problems and grow their companies. You can see the replays!

You will get the current group recordings posted to you right after they occur. These groups are held monthly and the replays are up to 3 hrs and 30 Minutes long.

This is where the magic happens!

You get the inside scoop from real CEO's that are currently multi - six, seven, and 8 figure earners. Watch how they assist each other in solving problems as a collective group. The value of these recordings is priceless!

How Will This Training Benefit You? What's the WIFM? (What's In It For Me) As a Business Owner...

-Discover how to transform your business from a time-sucking vampire into the profit-generating business you intended.

-Discover best-practice systems that allow you to reclaim precious and valuable hours per week so that you experience significant improvement in work-life balance.

-Uncover how you can bank the hidden money in your business that you never knew existed.

-Identify and eliminate the TRUE bottlenecks in your business (true bottlenecks might surprise you)

-We show you how to shine a spotlight on the blind spots within your business that are causing inefficiency and lost profit opportunities.

-Discover how to sharpen your game, build your bottom line and create a life dripping with freedom. (Isn't it time for you to enjoy an additional week (or month) of vacation?)

But Wait.... There's More!!
We are also including 4 business accountability coaching sessions for you as you go through the training. Your accountability coach is there every other month to help you stay on track and focused through the course. This is 100% FREE!

Here is what the accountability coach is not there for:

-Not there to upsell you into another program of Miller & Company

-Not there to do the work for you

-Not there to be your babysitter

Here is what the accountability coach is designed to accomplish:

-Keep you on track with the training and implementation

-Keep your mind in tune with your business

-Keep you motivated and accountable for your business and actions

-Be your sounding board
AND MORE..........

You will get access to my entire Rolodex of high-value clients that I work 1-1 with.

Here is what that can provide for you:

Exclusive 50% off deals with our trusted partner clients

Exclusive waiving of monthly fees or "Management Fees"

Exclusive waivers of launch deposits

And More...

Some of the companies that we can save you massively with are:

-Staffing Agency: One of the larger clients runs a staffing agency of Virtual Workers. By being In the Strategic Success Program you get an automatic 50% discount on staffing

-Full Stack Advertising Agencies: You get access to over 6 Advertising Agencies clients of ours and get special rates for being In the program

-Merchant Services: We connect you with our client that will set-up or change over your current merchanting for free AND... GUARANTEE you a better rate on your credit card processing

-Sales Team: Leverage one of our clients that runs a full complement Sales company. Over $50,000 of set-up fees waived... All due to being in the Strategic Success Program

-AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!! (What a Huge BONUS to receive)

For $13.33 A Day You Can Take Your Business To The Next Level In "EVERY" Area Of Your Business!! What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!!

We could easily charge $10,000 for this course!

Your getting full access to the course (Value $10,000)

Access to our Rolodex (Huge savings, $100,000, if used)

Access to our CEO Action Pod Replays where hundreds of years of business experience are exchanged ($20,000)

A 100% FREE accountability coach for 4 session ($3,500)

All Total: $133,500.00

YOU PAY $13.33 A Day!!! For Full Access!!
What Was It You Were Waiting For?
Are You A Business Owner Who Is Ready To Make Your Business Work For You?

Give us a phone call your questions are important to us. If we don't answer we are just tied up with another client. Leave us a message and we will get back to you quickly.

Toll Free Line Available 9AM - 5 PM (MST): 1-855-947-4048

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